Weekly Reflection 012

A lot of this past week was spent prepping my Game Design II game for the ACCAD Open House.  My goal was to have it playable for up to four players, with a minimal UI that displays pertinent info to the user.  It was interesting to see how people interacted with the characters and environment.  In a lot of ways, people started to develop their own strategies, way more intricate than I ever intended.  For example, people began to use the force from the grenade to project their character to the other side of the screen or to a high area.  This tactic works well if the player has a lot of health left and the opponent doesn't.  

It was extremely refreshing to see people interact with my work and come away with minimal gripes or comments.  A lot of the players simply concentrated on the game and had fun with their friends, which was my goal for the game.  I wanted to create a simple, fast-paced, action platformer that pitted friends against friends.  One that required all the players to physically be in the same room.  I wanted to create a game that relies a little on skill, but a lot on chaos and luck to create real world emotions from the players.

There are a few bugs and kinks I need to fix.  As people played I saw a couple of small glitches that should be easy to fix.  The jump detection doesn't work if the player is standing on top of another player, it's funny but it'd be nice to jump off of your teammates' head.  I also received some really good input.  Previously, I purposely put in no way to reload a weapon.  As soon as all your bullets were shot, that's it.  The player is forced to go into melee mode.  However, after watching my game, I think I'm going to keep all the bullets permanent.  Once they reach zero velocity, players can pick them up and reuse them.  

Lots of good ideas to go on.  The next couple of weeks will be a little busy but I'm looking forward to the challenge.