Research Projects

I'm focusing on two main areas of research while at the Ohio State University, generative art as tools for inexperienced artists and mental illness and disorders as narrative elements inside interactive fiction.


Remain Indoors

Remain Indoors is a 2D, top down exploration game.  The player controls an old man as he explores his home.  It was an experiment on the mirroring and converging of multiple stories.


Tools for Observation

This app was made as part of our design observation project. Using Processing, I created a media viewing app that allows the viewer to rapidly view and manipulate a large amount of content.  



I made an app to view the color information found in any image.  You can sort the color blocks by hue, saturation, and brightness to further explore how the color interacts.


3D Modeling and Sculpting

Click here for a growing portfolio of my 3D artwork.